Features of security bars or gates at your home

Do you want to fix big glass windows to your newly constructed home, but are worried about the burglars? No worries. There are many people who are selling clear security bars and transparent gates that protect your valuable belongings inside the home from intruders. Though, there are steel burglar bars available, but these look alike to that of the dungeon. So, people who hate that can go for the transparent burglar bars. These bars can be fixed at both offices and homes. In addition, you can also fix them at resorts, kid’s room, hotels, and lodges. There are many people who are selling highly durable and sturdy bars at a very competitive price. However, you need to buy them from a reliable store to get high quality product that assures bulletproof safety of your loved ones residing in the home.

The best part of the burglar (security) bars is that, they add aesthetic details to the home and make the home exterior look elegant and rich. Moreover, due to their transparent nature, they allow more light to enter into the home over steel bars. Besides giving ample ventilation, these bars also assures high protection. Most importantly, they add spaciousness and give high security to the home and the belongings stored inside it. Though, these bars look alike to that of glass, but are unbreakable and have the ability to withstand 3000kg force of weight. Despite the miscreants try to break the bars and take unauthorized access to your home premises, they could not break the bar.

These bars are tested rigorously in the laboratories. These are coated with UV on either side and make it an ideal material for fixing at home and offices to protect the precious things from intruders. Basically, the bars made of steel are affected with corrosion over time. But the clear burglar bars made of stainless steel are free from corrosion. Most importantly, you do not need to maintain them. Though, the bars get exposed to dust and grime, they still remain as a new one without losing their sheen and ability. The beauty of these bars is that, these are scratch resistant and stronger. click here to get more information See through burglar bars.