How rich is Angie Dickinson?

George Walton Lucas is considered as one of the richest celebrity from Hollywood. He is a director, producer and script writer by profession. He is best known for his legendary movies star wars and Indiana jones. George Lucas is considered as one of the most successful personalities in the Hollywood film industry. Besides his success his net worth is more astonishing. The latest survey by says the net worth of George Lucas is $7.3 billion. Modesto city in California is George’s birth place and it’s the same place where he grew up. Becoming a car racing driver was the childhood dream of George however it didn’t happen as he went through a terrible car trash in his teenage.
That accident changed George’s personality completely and made him reconsider his life goals. George went for further studies in University of Southern California where he met the legendary film maker Steven Spielberg. The friendship of Steven and George is considered from that time. In his student days George won many awards and scholarships. The Warner Brothers Scholarship is one of those achievement. To know more for more
His first release was THX 1138 which came on the floor in 1971 but it did not perform well. American Graffiti was the film which gave a good start to George Lucas’s net worth. The film extremely performed well and was also nominated for five Academy Awards. The film earned a revenue of $115 million alone in United States. Click here for more
The biggest hit by George Lucas was star wars. The revenue of these movie franchise was more than &5 billion. After this there was a series of hits George gave and made his net worth so huge. The net worth of George Lucas is considered very special as he rose from a very middle class family and the growth he made in his life is really huge. click here to know more about Nadya Suleman net worth